Fishing the Small Lakes of the United States

Welcome back everyone and thank you for another article that will hopefully help you catch more fish. This week I wanna talk about the fun that fishing the small backyard lakes can be! The best part of these small lakes is that it is very cool that underneath the still water may lurk a really large fish. Catfish, Bream, Bass, maybe even Carp can be in these lakes. I had a chance to talk with a local fisherman here in my hometown about fishing these small lakes and what he recommended for using in these lakes. His explanation was to keep it simple, stick to the basics. He recommends using a four inch trick worm weightless. This mimics a large earthworm, small snake, or even a slug and can can be fished top water, sub surface, and bottom fished as well. He also added that using the trusty beetle spin might be helpful as well. We see these small spinners catch a lot of fish all over the country but most importantly, They catch everything!

While using the write bait is important another thing to consider is what time of day we fish. Most people who fish these small lakes will recommend fishing in the early hours of daylight or the late hours close to dusk. The reason for this is because those small lakes with little water will heat up a lot quicker than some of the larger lakes in the United States.

Lastly we need to discuss what time of year to fish these lakes. Most of the time you will have the best results in the summer. The fish’s metabolism is much more aggressive and they are feeding to stay moving. Also all the larvae that is around that time of year. We see a lot of fingerling bass and baby bluegill that often become bait this time of year. We also see a lot of lizards and snakes starting to move which is another forage for these fish as well.

We hope that this insight will help produce some good catches in the future for our readers and I want to say thank you for taking the time to read our articles.

Thanks and God Bless- Leon Campbell