Best Navarre Beach Fishing Charter!

So today I want to tell y’all about an experience I had years ago on a Fishing Charter while visiting Navarre Beach Florida. We met up that day at around 630 in the morning and decided we would go do some deep sea fishing with Fishing Charters Navarre out of Navarre Beach Florida. The weather was perfect! We could not have asked for a better day! When we left the marina and stopped to catch bait in the local pass to the beautiful Gulf Of Mexico. We made bait using sabiki rigs and from there we were off to see the wild blue!

We arrived at the first spot and the captain said to go ahead and drop. Our target was red snapper and as soon as our baits got to the bottom we were on! We were using a Carolina rig with a small egg weight. We caught a quick limit and from there we went on to try for the next species.

Our next species was vermilion snapper. Although smaller than the red snapper, the vermilion snapper was a fun fight on light tackle and was even better for table fare! We caught these fish using squid and cut bait on a small drop shot rig with a 3 ounce lead and a small circle hook. Using the lightest tackle possible for key to our success. While fishing for these fish we also got our limit of triggerfish. These fish are a hard fight and I can’t imagine an uglier fish but man was the meat good!

We then went on to target some king mackerel. We used lures and live bait around structure and the bite was on fire. We couldn’t get the baits out fast enough. We caught four or five of those and then headed back towards land. This is a trip I will never forget! The fishing was amazing at our stay in Navarre Beach. There is no better trip than a Navarre Beach Fishing Charter! Be sure to contact Fishing Charters Navarre These guys will show you a great time!